ConviTray® Ready-Meal

ConviTray® Fresh
ConviTray® Fresh
ConviTray® Long/Ambient Life
ConviTray® Long/Ambient Life

Adding value to Product, Packaging, Processing, Product Quality, Dish Preparation and Taste:
  • The first PVC-free Aluminium Container for "In-Container Pasteurization and Sterilization" and Ovenability.
  • Uncompromised Food Safety
  • MAP for Food Quality
  • Top Efficiency by Extension of Freshness
  • Easy opening for best Convenience
  • Clear "Stand-out-of-the Crowd" Positioning for Fresh and Long-Life/Ambient Products
  • A packaging concept communicating Quality and Consumption Pleasure
  • Re-heating not limited to Microwave but allowing real "Gratination" in Conventional Household Stoves at 220 – 240°C.
  • Heath resistant, neutral trays keeping its shape whilst preparing and consuming the dish! A Pleasure for the eyes and unmachted great Taste!

ConviTray® - A true partnership system development by Comvince, Hydro Aluminium and Rychiger Filling and Sealing Machines.

Contact: Jörg P. Weltert

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